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The No-Lose Toy Egg Vending MachineKwak Yu-jin, Cha Sang-mi

『The No-Lose Toy Egg Vending Machine』

Author: Kwak Yu-jin
Illustrator: Cha Sang-mi
Publisher: BIR
Publication date: March 1, 2020
Number of Pages: 72
Format: 148x215mm
ISBN : 9788949162027

Kwak Yu-jin, Cha Sang-mi

Author : Kwak Yu-jin He started out as a writer receiving the Excellence Award in the short to mid-length section of the 4th SF Award for the story “The Child of Two Mothers.” With The No-Lose Toy Egg Vending Machine, he won the Grand Prize of the 2019 9th BIR Literary Award. Illustrator : Cha Sang-mi A visual communication design major, she is an illustrator in various media including books and videos, and has created the illustrations for The No-Lose Toy Egg Vending Machine, A Bear in Spring, and Is It Only Me? among other works.

A Magical Story Offering Solace and Healing


The No-Lose Toy Egg Vending Machine is a fantasy tale for children that recounts the magical story that takes place through the medium of a capsule toy-vending machine. Placed in front of a neighborhood stationery store, it always lets you win and never draws a blank. In straightforward yet heart-rendering prose, the book tells the story of a child adrift in feelings of sadness and loss, who slowly rebuilds her relations with others and returns to her daily life, thanks to the no-lose vending machine. The unique setting of a toy egg vending machine, where you insert a coin and turn a dial, that always lets you get something, arouses the reader’s curiosity and encourages them to dive into the story.

Hui-su, who always goes for a spin on the toy egg vending machines on her way to and from school, one day stops doing it, for reasons that are not explored in detail. But as she starts to turn the machine dials again, Hui-su’s frozen heart slowly thaws, and she gradually regains her lost voice. In fact, Hui-su had been suffering from aphasia due to the shock of losing her parents. From the start, the story refrains from explaining all in detail. Hui-su discovers a toy egg vending machine in front of a stationery store and once more, turns the dial to try to draw a winning egg. The story shows the magical process of healing in which Hui-su regains peace of mind through the items that she gets from the machine.

When we first read the book, we follow the feelings of the protagonist Hui-su. Then we look at her through the eyes of the boy that leads her to the no-lose vending machine, and also through that of a girl. We end up rooting for Hui-su. Through a story filled with fantasy, the book delivers a warm, heartfelt wish for all children to lead sound lives.

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