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Take Care of Your MindKim Hye-ryeong

Thoughts have their own will. That is what causes trouble. The moment we let go of the driving wheel of our minds, we are at risk. Thoughts will take over our minds. That is why we have to practice holding onto that driving wheel. Don’t ever let it go, or let another have control of it. (From Chapter 2, “Taking Care of Your Distracted, Insecure Mind”)

『Take Care of Your Mind』

Author : Kim Hye-ryeong
Publisher : GanaF
Publication date : July 3, 2020
Number of pages : 266
Format : 135x200mm
ISBN : 9788957361238

Kim Hye-ryeong

Counseling psychologist, expert of meditation based psychology. Highly interested in emotional issues such as depression and anxiety, or relationship issues. Has a column in Hankook Ilbo called “2030 Worldview” among others. Author of The Comfort Called Anxiety and What Is This If Not Happiness.

How to Escape the Habits of the Mind that Torment Us


Everyone is suffering from anxiety and stifling uncertainty as the unprecedented COVID 19 crisis shows no indication of coming to a close. Due to the pandemic, instead of meeting up and giving each other a hug, we ask about the welfare of our dear ones. Are you okay? Is everything fine? How is your health? While so many of us find it natural to ask about the health of others, that is not the case for looking after the health of our own mind. We don’t spend enough time caring for our minds which are perpetually filled with ever-changing emotions and overflowing thoughts.

We believe that since our mind is our own, we are familiar with it. We can be in control, but that is hardly true. Often the one behind the driving wheel is another person, or our thoughts and emotions. That’s why we often get hurt, or are moved to sudden anger by other people’s words or behavior.
We also wander around without direction, just riding on the thoughts that besiege us one after another, or become prisoner of our own emotions. If we keep a tight grip on the driving wheel, if we succeed in living life as masters of our minds, we won’t lose control so easily. We would be able to keep our serenity in the here and now, no matter what. Looking after our own mind is just as important as asking about our loved ones. This book tells those of us who are unskilled at looking after ourselves and taking care of our minds, how best to “live with our minds.”

We live in a world where material wealth has provided us with unprecedented affluence and comfort. However, many of us are not healthy in our minds. This book presents us with the skills to take care of them. The author tells us that there are three characteristics of the brain that cause most harm to the modern human being, distraction, anxiety and negativity, without which our lives would be so much easier. If we’re not distracted by unnecessary worries nor anxious about the future, if we think positively and react logically to information that will make us feel good, then we wouldn’t torment ourselves. The key to regaining peace of mind is to strengthen the functions that are opposite to these three factors. Namely to focus on what is good for me, to “choose” emotions that are positive for me, to let go of what makes me suffer and to strengthen good thoughts. This will keep my mind from becoming immersed in depression and anxiety, or to becoming overloaded with frustration and anger. In order to do this, the author recommends not letting our mind wander on its own but to keep a tight grip on the driving wheel. She offers mindfulness as the effective tool with which to turn off the automatic driving mode of our minds. Mindfulness allows us to avoid becoming entirely emerged in the past or future, to confront the “present self” who is obsessing about it. The mind can only grow weak if we never experience the present to the fullest and are constantly drifting in thought. The moment we let go of the driving wheel of our mind, we are at risk. If we practice, according to the author’s guidance, not to be lured away by our thoughts and our emotions, we will be able to keep our minds safe from any threat.

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