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Dream of Becoming WaterLucid Fall, Lee Su-zy

Water, dreaming of becoming raindrops, dreaming of becoming a stream, dream of becoming a river, dream of becoming the sea, again, the sea - An excerpt from Dream of Becoming Water

『Dream of Becoming Water』

Author : Lucid Fall
Illustrator : Lee Su-zy
Publisher : Chungarammedia
Publication date : May 7, 2020
Number of pages : 64
Format : 180x260mm
ISBN : 9791158711313

Lucid Fall, Lee Su-zy

Lyrics: Lucid Fall After debuting with the Indie band Misoni, Lucid Fall became an independent singer in 2001 and has recorded nine albums since that time. His Nowana in 2019 is his most recent album.“Dream of Becoming Water” was released in 2005 in his album Oh, Love. Illustrations: Lee Su-zy Lee Su-zy studied painting and book arts in Korea and in England. She has published picture books in various countries. She received the New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books and Korea Book Awards. The books she wrote and illustrated include Wave, Mirror and Shadow.

A Picture Book with Beautiful Lyrics that Reads Like a Poem


This picture book breathes new life into the beautiful song “Dream of Becoming Water,” which many people have treasured in their hearts for a long time. “Dream of Becoming Water” is the notable song with beautiful poetry-like lyrics from Lucid Fall who is often regarded as a singing poet. Its lyrics that embody the serenity and freedom found in nature are further deepened by Lee Su-zy’s illustrations. Her detailed and intense expressions in watercolor painting show the powerful but peaceful, strong but flexible images of water.

In the first scene, a child wearing floating devices is sitting by the pool. Once in the water, she floats. Following the flow of the water, the child drifts to bigger bodies of water, to a river, to the sea, to more water. She swims freely with her whole body reflecting the hues of water. The illustrator chose blue as the color and watercolor as the medium to express images of water in definitive terms and to set the overall tone for the book. For escalating the tone as the story builds, she captured the shapes and movement of water in dynamic ways that reflect exhalation, adding depth by intensifying color as well as the contrast between dark and light.

The picture book takes the form of a folding screen, and when unfolded and standing upright, the front and the end pages line up to form one cohesive picture, like a song being replayed after a full cycle. The last page contains Lucid Fall’s hand-drawn music score, with Lee Su-zy’s illustrations added. It is a one-of-a-kind sheet music with an old-fashioned charm. The pencil-drawn musical notations enhanced by watercolor images are a gift to the readers who love Lucid Fall’s songs, especially those who wish to play the song and sing along.

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