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PlastererLee Myung-hwan

“When Dad got busy with work, the food he put on the table kept us eating nonstop.” - An excerpt from Plasterer


Author : Lee Myung-hwan
Publisher : Hansolsoobook
Publication date : June 17, 2020
Number of pages : 38
Format : 210x280mm
ISBN : 9791170286752

Lee Myung-hwan

Lee Myung-hwan studied Visual Communication Design at Sungkyunkwan University. He currently works on graphic design projects and publishes picture books. He has written and illustrated Grandfather and the Pine Tree and I Love to Sprint!

Dad, Our Family Artist


The story unfolds from the perspective of a child. The father toils daily for his family, and the mother cares for the home and the children silently by his side. The children miss their father, and their eyes search throughout the home for comforting traces of him.

The father leaves home at dawn when the children are sleeping. He installs tiles at bath houses, pools and subway stations. People call him a plasterer, but to the children, he is an artist. As he adds on each tile, a brilliant new picture takes on form.

After a month-long job assignment, he’d return with croakers for them. When he leaves for the next one, he’d leave home quietly with the children sleeping. While the father smears plaster onto the walls and puts the tiles up, the children draw pictures similar to the ones created by the tiles. Although the father is not there with them, his work can be seen in places where the family spends time.

“Dad is not with us now, but his work is always with us. When we look around, it’s everywhere. On the walls and on the floor.” And because of that, the children can hold their heads up high.

“I have never seen Dad leave the house. I only hear the clinking sound of my mother doing the dishes.”

The father anchors the family with his quiet diligence, and the mother silently fills any gaps in his absence. With the father and mother each holding their ground, the children, firmly rooted in family, can grow up with visions of their future in the world.

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