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Our AnnyeongPark Joon, Kim Han-na

“Annyeong uttered at the moment of letting go in a farewell. Annyeong that yearns for a promise and prepares in waiting. Among all these things is our annyeong.”

『Our Annyeong』

Author : Park Joon
Illustrator : Kim Han-na
Publisher : Nanda
Publication Date : March 20, 2021
Number of Pages : 80
Format : 280x202mm
ISBN : 9791188862887

Park Joon, Kim Han-na

Author: Park Joon Park Joon has written the following prose and poetry collections: I Took Medicine Called You for a Few Days; We Could See the Rainy Season Together; and Crying Wouldn’t Change Anything. Park always lives with his dog. Illustrator: Kim Han-na Kim Han-na had the following exhibitions: The Triumph of Daily Life; Inspiration of Sublime Joy; and Listen Up, Dust Farts! She is always with her rabbits.

Danbi, the poet’s father’s dog, is the main character of this picture poetry book. Reading the poem “Danbi” from We Could See the Rainy Season Together, the poet’s second poetry collection, further provides rich context for this work. Each of the six pups from Danbi’s litter was sent away to different homes. Danbi, who had not shown any signs of agitation at first, began searching and running throughout the house from the day the last pup left. The book portrays the friendship that develops between grieving Danbi and a bird that flies in one day.

“Annyeong[1]” in an encounter can inspire joy, “annyeong” in a farewell can cast a gloom, “annyeong” in a beginning can spell out the word “life,” and “annyeong” in the end can bring enlightenment of death. In these ways, this book explores the meanings of “annyeong.” “When we yearn for those who are no longer with us, our eyes look out to the distance. When we miss our loved ones, our hearts are near.” These words from the poet show us that when we utter “annyeong,” the energy source that envelops our core both on the inside and out is yearning. “We can always draw what we have seen once with our eyes. The drawing of that image again and again and again is yearning.” Such words tell us the nature of yearning, of a heart that draws again and again out of desperation in missing someone.

[1] The KO greeting word “annyeong” can mean both hello and goodbye.

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