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Iparapa YamooyamooYi Gee-eun

One day, a peculiar sound was heard in the peaceful village of where Marshmellong lives. Iparapa Yamooyamoo, Iparapa Yamooyamoo - An excerpt from Iparapa Yamooyamoo

『Iparapa Yamooyamoo』

Author : Yi Gee-eun
Publisher : Sakyejul
Publication date : June 10, 2020
Number of pages : 64
Format : 293x212mm
ISBN : 9791160946673

Yi Gee-eun

A picture book writer. She wrote Paper Dad, Grandma Mom and The Legend of Patbingsu, for which she also drew illustrations.

Little but Strong! The Story of Marshmellong’s Courageous Nature


The setting of the picture book is a village surrounded by small green hills. The overall atmosphere of the book resembles a happy fairy tale. White and soft “Marshmellong” and dreamy and clumsy “Fursungsungi” are extremely cute. White and black, light and heavy, sleek and supple … these two characters are contrasted in many ways including visual, auditory and tactile aspects. They keep grabbing readers’ attention inside the book.

There is a peaceful village where marshmallows live. With an endless supply of food and fluffy land, the village is always relaxed and serene, to the point of making you feel drowsy. But one day, a thunderous cry breaks out beyond the hills that surround the village. “Yamooyamoo? Yumyum? What do they mean? They are going to eat us yumyum?”

“Iparapa Yamooyamoo.” This one sentence started everything. Marshmellongs, who are always relaxed, are united with strong determination. They put their little bodies together and brace themselves for upcoming battles to drive Fursungsungi out and restore the peace. They cannot imagine themselves being consumed inside hot chocolate or getting burned for smores.

The pictures inside the book show a fast-paced development as if they represent Marshmellongs’ worried feelings. With detailed space division that shows the characters’ movement in order, the author raises the suspense of the story. After that, the whole spread follows and reveals a humorous outcome. Author Yi Gee-eun captured a situation, in which prejudices and misunderstandings are born and resolved, in her own balanced perspective. Anyone can misunderstand someone or be misunderstood by someone. It happens. However, if we ask by chance, “Could this be a misunderstanding?” it can be the first step to understanding each other. The author conveys the fun aspect and the message of the story with this one sentence that summarizes the whole book: Iparapa Yamooyamoo.

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